Life Insurance With No Medical Exam, No Medical Questions, No Health Questions

Life insurance with no medical is the easy way to buy life insurance. Younger people can get a very large amount of coverage without having to do a medical. People, in fact, can get some coverage up to age 65 if they are in favorable health. Some carriers limit the available amount to $250,000, others have a $500,000 limit. There are some life insurance companies that will even issue up to $1,000,000 on a non medical basis.

The people that really concern me are those who believe that life insurance can be issued without any medical questions. These people are now at a point where they are more aware of the value of life insurance. Usually the thing influencing their thinking is the fact that they are in not too good health. You may have loved ones you want to leave some cash for. The problem is that there is no worthwhile policy available with no health questions asked.

You can get life insurance with no medical exam but you must answer a few health questions. The company wants to know a little about your medical history. They want to know if you or any member of your family ever had any heart condition, diabetes, any liver or kidney problem or mental illness or any disorder of your blood vessels. They may ask if you ever had any disorder of the ears, nose, throat or mouth.

They ask about any shortness of breath, blood spitting or bronchitis. They want to know if you ever had asthma or bronchitis. Is there any disorder of muscles, bones or joints? Do you have any cysts or tumors?

In order for life insurance with no medical exam to be issued you will be asked for the name of your physician and when you last saw him or her. They want to know your age, height and weight and whether or not you smoke. They want to know whether or not you have ever been hospitalized and for what reason. What kind of diagnostic tests did you have done? Did you have X-rays done and why. There are other questions that the life insurance carriers may ask but these are the most likely ones. If any of the answers suggest that you could have a medical problem now or in the future the carrier may ask for a medical exam.

Life insurance companies offer policies on a non medical basis online or offline. You can get term life insurance, universal life insurance, or whole life insurance on this basis. The term policies issued online are usually 10 year term, 20 year term and 30 year term. Some carriers offer 5 year term, 15 year term as well as 25 year term policies.

This information is intended to assist you if you intend to buy life insurance. Thinking of getting life insurance with no medical? That is fine but you will need to answer a few health questions. With technology at the level it is today it is quite easy for the carrier to check your answers and issue a policy in as little as 15 minutes.

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