Life Insurance, Who Should Have It And Who Does Not Need It

Are you looking for life insurance coverage but still have some questions? Then this is the article for you. In this article, we will discuss some of the most common questions asked by people just like you. Knowing the answers to your questions can better help choose life insurance coverage and options that suit your needs.

Why do I need coverage?

The biggest reason many people choose life insurance is that it can provide peace of mind to both you and your family members in the event of your death. It is meant to provide support for those who are dependent upon you for the necessities in life. Another great thing about life insurance is that it can help pay for funeral expenses and debts in the event of a death, which leaves your loved ones with less burden during their time of grief.

Upon your death, your policy sum will be paid out to your beneficiaries, which could help in many areas of their lives. Expenses such as funeral costs, outstanding debt, estate taxes, and even income taxes can be a cost that may be too much for your family members to bear. With life insurance, you can help offset those costs.

I do not have minor children; do I still need life insurance coverage?

If you do not have any minor children, depending upon your earnings, is not a necessity. One thing to keep in mind though is the burden of various expenses, so you might still want to consider it. Another great thing about some insurance policies is that it can be an excellent source of cash if you should ever need it. Many policies allow you to borrow against the insurance in order to use it for your needs.

What options do I have when it comes to life insurance coverage?

Your options include the three main types term, whole, and universal life insurance, as well as variable, single premium, and survivorship.

What is Term coverage?

Term coverage is for a specified period of time. There are no added benefits to this type of insurance such as a cash reserve. If you out-live the insurance policy the policy has ended and no payment will be made.

What is whole coverage?

This type of coverage provides you with insurance that will never be cancelled; you pay a set premium each month, which is determined by your health status. However, with this type you do have the ability to borrow against what you have paid into the insurance, giving it cash value.

How do I choose the right life insurance coverage?

Look at your needs, consider your dependents, and understand the differences in policies. Make sure before you decide on any type of life insurance that you read all rules and terms as they apply to that specific company, ask any questions if there is something you might not understand.

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