Life Insurance: When Death is Not Reported


The danger of a having a lapsed life insurance plan without receiving any benefits can be possible if the death of the policyholder is not reported to the insurer. Sometimes, there are cases when the policyholder failed to inform his or her beneficiaries or anyone about the insurance plan that he or she purchased.

In the event that the policyholder died and the insurer is not aware of it, they will make a move in solving the problem. They might think that the owner of the policy is just unable to pay the premium or maybe they will think might be other problems and they have to hear it. Without being informed that the policyholder is already dead, then they will send a letter to the policyholder informing him or her that about the failed payment of the insurance premium. They will also be informing the policyholder that the insurance will lapse once the insurance remains unpaid for a period of time.

If the beneficiary still failed to collect the death benefits from the life insurance plan, once the insurance is terminated then he may not be able to get the benefits at all. When the letter remained unnoticed, some insurance companies will do some search or investigations about the policyholder. And if there is no result, they may terminate the insurance plan for delinquent payments. This will no longer entitle the beneficiaries of the death benefits brought by the life insurance policy. As a policyholder, never forget to always inform a trusted person and the beneficiaries themselves.

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Source by Kate Hudgens