Life Insurance – What Are the Disadvantages of Not Having Life Insurance?

So, what are the disadvantages of not having UK life insurance? Many people already know the answer to this question and unfortunately learned the hard way. When you do not have a life policy, you’ll find that it’s your family and friends that wind up between a rock and a very hard financial place. It’s not a nice position to put your loved ones in.

Burial or cremation ceremonies are expensive and even if you do not have a ceremony of some sort, taking care of the remains alone can cost thousands according to where you live. This means immediately the family is left with a huge bill, and this doesn’t take into account any type of costs associated with the lack of income you may have been contributing to the family finances.

Those who have passed on without life insurance don’t normally realise the situation they have left their loved ones in. Often bill collecting can go on for years, with phone calls and mail arriving at the deceased’s home and bill collectors calling the parents and even the children that have been left behind.

While it doesn’t seem fair that it’s your loved ones left to deal with this, you can prevent it. Even a simple life insurance plan can save your family a lot of heartache and financial problems. Do a bit of research and you’ll find that a simple policy is not as expensive as you might think, and yet, is one of the kindest things you can do for your family.