Life Insurance Policy For Spouse And Children


Life Insurance policies are bought with an objective to cover financial loss should you lose a loved one who is the breadwinner of the family. You need to compare life insurance policies to make sure your family gets the best financial assistance in the event of crisis. Many policies are available, providing different types of life insurance cover, and choosing the best life insurance appropriate to your needs is very important. You may prefer cheap life insurance, or a large comprehensive package.
Life Insurance policy is an important financial instrument for the policy holder because this policy is meant to provide adequate cover to the individual. And in case of death of the policy holder the policy should be able to cover the loss of income. Broadly speaking, life insurance can be divided into term life and whole life policies. Term life policy offers pure life cover and the policy holder is payable only in case of his death during the effect of the policy. While whole life policies cover life and also offers investment opportunities. Here the policy holder is payable in both cases either he lives after the maturity of the policy or dies during the effect of the policy.

The members in the family who earn income actually need life insurance coverage the most. The first priority should be to have adequate coverage on them because the loss of income due to their death would have an adverse affect on the members of the family. After this need is handled cleverly, the consideration can then be given to the family. The question is whether there is any reason to provide coverage on other family members because the insurance costs money in the form of premium.

It is sometimes ideal to have life insurance when a family budget is very tight or there is only one member of the family who earns in the family. Because in the event of death of this person the life insurance cover may help the family to overcome the expenses that might have been difficult to cover otherwise.

Buying life insurance for children is not advisable; as we are aware life insurance is bought for those who are support to the others in financial terms. And for sure you are not dependent on the child’s earnings. But buying a policy for your child with an option to buy more insurance at a later age sometimes does make sense. This could provide protection to your child if required additional insurance in the later stage of life. Or it can help in case your child becomes uninsurable due to some unforeseen event. These needs can be best served by buying cheap term insurance for appropriate number of years.
After all the juggling, one important decision to make regarding life insurance is whom to choose your beneficiary. There are two types of beneficiaries, primary beneficiaries receive a portion or the whole policy benefit if they outlive you. Contingent beneficiaries receive proceeds if a primary beneficiary dies before you. You can nominate your spouse, domestic partner, children, relatives, friends, charities, businesses or trusts as your beneficiary.

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Source by Chavi Singal