Life Insurance for Smokers


Life insurance premiums are obviously going to be higher for those who smoke.  Smoking is related to a host of diseases and illnesses especially lung, mouth and throat cancers so the risk of contracting any of these illnesses rises significantly for people who smoke.  This means that the insurance company is taking a higher risk insuring someone who smokes than someone who has never smoked. This is why premiums are usually more expensive.

So if you are a smoker, you may think that there is nothing you can do except pay the high costs for your life insurance policy. This is true if you decide to go with a life insurance company which deals with standard life insurance policies.  But if you do not want to pay over the odds, you may want to look around for an insurance company which specializes in life insurance for smokers.  You should be prepared however, to expect to pay more than a non smoker no matter which insurance provider you go with.  But you may still be able to get lower premiums by looking around.

There are many ways in which a life insurance company may determine whether someone is a smoker or not.  For example, some insurance companies will consider you a smoker for insurance purposes if you have smoked in the past two or three years while others will determine your status as a smoker based whether you are smoking at the time you take out the policy.

If you have recently quit smoking it may be preferable to wait for a few years before taking out your policy but that may not always be possible.  If you feel that you would rather have your life insurance in place as soon as possible then it may be a good idea to search online to try to get the best deal.  You can get quotes from several companies with no obligation to buy.  This way you can compare the best products and you can get an idea of how much you will be expected to pay for your life insurance cover.

Although most people would love to give up smoking, for some it is just too hard.  But regardless of whether you smoke or not, it is possible to get a quality life insurance policy which will suit your requirements if you take the time to search for the best deals.

Always remember to check exactly what your policy covers with your insurer.


Source by Ava J Slater