Life Insurance after Divorce – 3 Ways To Benefits Form The Split Up Crisis


Life insurance policies generally have your spouse as the beneficiary in case of death. Did you know-this does not change after a divorce. The beneficiary field, when you filled out that from did not speak of the relationship in the name field but you did enter a person’s name which is still there on that form. So guess who gets your money at the end of your life! In America different states have different laws when it comes to things like this. Such complications are not uncommon and often cost the person involved some serious damage. Speak to your insurance agency and let them know that you have dissolved your marriage and that you need to clarify issues if any with your life insurance policy.

A. Speak to the agent
Life insurance is credited after divorce. Speak to your agent and let him or her know that you are now divorced. After all this is your hard earned money we are talking about so you should be sure of where and who is affected by it. You want your money to work for your benefit and nobody else’s. If you need to get the name of your spouse out of the college see you need to take care of this issue immediately.

B. Protect the children
In some states the insurance policy automatically becomes invalid where there was proceeding has taken place. On the other hand the name can always be replaced or removed if you take care of it at the right time. For example you could take the spouse’s name out and replace it with your child’s name as the beneficiary. This is not very hard and can be taken care of in a matter of minutes. If your husband has been making your payments he could very well stop doing so after the divorce and imagine how this would affect your child in the long run. So make sure you are aware of the payment procedures and also that your child is the beneficiary. Some parents come to a mutual understanding that the child is the beneficiary, and so they continue having a common premium to which they both make payments. Some even set up a trust fund, and call the ‘beneficiary the ‘trust name’.

C. Other Insurances
Life insurance is no doubt the most important insurance policy that you need to take care of. On the other hand there are many other Factors such as home insurance card insurance and insurance on other assets. When you were married you probably didn’t even think twice about who would make these insurance payments month after month. But when you are separated you need to be aware of where you have taken the responsibility to make the payments. You need to stop payments on assets that have not come you’re away after the divorce and realize where you do have to make payments. Take a day off to work this one out.


Source by Abhishek Agarwal