Life Insurance – A Funny Story

A life insurance broker named Steve was always the top salesman for his company. In fact, he just completed his 8th straight year as the number 1 insurance agent when he decided it was time to hang ’em up and retire.

His best friend and partner James took him out for a drink one last time – on company time, of course. James asked, “Steve, you’re the best life insurance agent I’ve ever seen. For the past 8 years, you’ve been outselling everyone. And every time I ask how you do it, you never tell me. Now that you are retiring, let me in on your secret. How do you sell so many life insurance plans?”

Steve thought for a moment. “You know what, James, you’re right. I do have a secret to selling life insurance. I’ve kept it to myself for all these years. But now that I am retiring, I can’t think of a better person to keep it alive than you. So, I will tell you how I do it.”

James started to get more excited as the thought of having this wonderful knowledge coursed through his mind. He could hardly contain himself.

“Tell me, Steve. What is it? I’m dying to know.”

Steve took a sip from his drink and leaned back on his chair, scanning his surroundings to ensure that this top-secret data would not fall into enemy hands. He then leaned forward and began to speak.

“James, when you first start, you have to tell them about all the features and the benefits of the plan. Make sure you tell him – and always him – that it is his duty as the man of the house to protect his family. Doing otherwise would be considered a failure as a husband and as a father.”

James seemed unimpressed. “Everyone does that, Steve. You know that. That isn’t very insightful.”

Steve did not seem concerned with James’ protest. “Easy, relax. Just listen to me, and it will all become clear.” Steve took another sip while James sat both anxious and nervous.

“Now,” Steve continued, “during every presentation, I always suddenly stop my pitch and ask the client if he is feeling OK. Inevitably, he will always answer ‘yes’ to that question. When he does, I look at him in a strange way. And every so often, I will ask if there is anything I can do for him. Maybe get him a glass of water or if he wants a moment to himself.”

“Interesting approach” replied James. “How effective is it?”

Steve looked around and then looked James square in the eye. “To be honest, it rarely works. But, it’s the next step which always hooks them.”

James could no longer take it. “Steve, please tell me!”

Steve smiled. “I always say: ‘Please don’t let me scare you into making a rushed choice. Sleep on it tonight. IF you should wake up in the morning, please give me a call and let me know. I’ll by DYING to hear from you.”

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