Life insurance: a call for secured life for loved ones



Spending today, complaining about yesterday won’t make tomorrow any better for us. Life isn’t about falling; it’s about getting up every time we fall. Don’t leave anything to chance, protect those who matter us most. Well, this question always arises in our mind. Life can be unpredictable. No one knows when his or her life will end leaving their dependents behind. Who will take care of them financially? How will they manage their daily life without money? These are some questions will bother us if we don’t have Life Insurance policy. Insurance is an essential thing in every individual’s life.


Well, I have seen many people who make this common mistake of assuming that their life will remain same or have insurance for a short period of time. Short life insurance is good to some extent but when the insurance gets mature, then many of us crosses the age which makes us ineligible to have long-term insurance or may suffer some disease which also make us barred to get insurance.

According to me, while taking insurance policy, it is important to consider whether you need it or not. If we have dependents who purely survive on our income then surely we will need it but what if we are single? Being single does not mean that one cannot have insurance. Life insurance will surely help in case of we suffer from acute sickness or become unable to earn.  It makes a sense to have insurance for our own financial security.


Terms insurance are a good option in case if we want protection for specific time period. We don’t need to worry about premiums as they are fixed. Many experts find term insurance right choice as many of term insurance policies are changeable which we change into permanent insurance.


Permanent insurance gives long-term financial security for whole life. Such type of insurance enables us to build cash value that we can access through withdrawals or loans before our death. No doubt it will cost more than term insurance  but the benefits we may get from permanent coverage is more if we are sure about our long life.


Remember one thing, before we jump to buy insurance. First it is important to understand and review which type of coverage we need i.e. Term insurance or permanent insurance. By evaluating or checking financial condition of yours and decide how much amount we can pay as insurance premium as the most important is whether we have dependents or not, these few important factors  will put an influence while selecting correct insurance plan for life.

Life insurance is need of an hour. After all, it’s about financial security that we buy for ourselves or for our loved ones in case we are not in this world. Make Your Life Insure, Keep Your Family Secure.


Source by puja