Life After Bankruptcy….now What? 5 Ways to Repair your Credit After Bankruptcy

Bankruptcy is a distressing, stressful but ultimately a freeing experience for millions of Americans every year. Bankruptcy turns out to be a double-edged sword. Depending on which type of bankruptcy you file, you are either relieved of all of your debt through the liquidation of your assets, or you may be making monitored payments to your debtors.

This may prove to be quite beneficial. Your financial life is finally under control. However, because bankruptcy is perhaps the worst mark that can appear on one’s credit, you must focus on rebuilding your credit and in short order. Here are five ways to rebuild your credit after bankruptcy.

1. Create A Plan: Look at where you have been. Why did you have to previously file for bankruptcy? Once you have determined this, create a plan that will allow you to sidestep those previous pitfalls. Figure out where you want to go and then create a plan to get there.

2. Be Selective: Be selective about the money you borrow. Don’t buy things you don’t need on credit. You end up paying much more then they are worth. Instead, save up cash for items you want but don’t need.

3. Start Small: Once you have declared bankruptcy, you will have a hard time getting decent credit rates and terms, so start small. Purchase a small piece of furniture and pay it off within 6 months (skip the “don’t pay for a whole year” deals!).

4. Get A Secured Credit: Secured credit cards match the amount of money you deposit. It allows you to rebuild your credit safely, while slowly proving to the credit bureaus and future lenders that you can be a good credit risk.

5. Work With Companies Who Report to the Credit Bureaus: Some companies do not report to the credit bureaus, so your on-time payments are doing nothing to help your credit scores. Ask first, and then work with companies that will help you increase your credit score by reporting them to the credit bureaus.

Filing for bankruptcy can be a trying time. However, try to look at it positively. You now have the opportunity to start over and do it right. Learn from your mistakes, formulate a new game plan and then move forward. Life after bankruptcy can be much better, than the first time around!

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