Liberty Wireless – Inexpensive Cell Phone

Are you looking for an inexpensive cell phone and, a no
contract, no credit check, hassle free cell phone plan? Than
Liberty Wireless has exactly what you need. The Liberty Wireless
cell phones and cell phone plans are affordable and easy to
obtain, and since they use the Sprint Nationwide Network to
provide service, you can be sure you will get good coverage.

Liberty cell phone plans offer more for your money without
monthly bills, contracts, credit checks and hidden fees. Because
of this appeal and the use of the Sprint Network, Liberty could
very soon become a leader in the pre-paid wireless field. You
will be very happy with their no nonsense approach which is
uncommon among cell phone companies.

With Liberty you can even make money when you choose one of the
following cellular phones: Kyocera 2345, Liberty LG 1100, ,
Liberty LG 250, Nokia 3588i, and Samsung A460. When you purchase
one of these phones, Liberty offers rebates that more then cover
the cost of the phone, with the extra money, up to $30.00, going
back in your pocket.

Of course even the best cellular phone is a waste if you don’t
have the right calling plan for your need. With no contrast, no
monthly fees, unlimited nights and weekends, and free nationwide
roaming, Liberty’s cell phone plans are ideal. You can get a
Samsung A460 phone at a cost of $40.00. With a $50.00 rebate,
you wind up with a fee phone and $10.00 profit to boot.

It gets better, for under $40.00 a month you get 200 anytime
minutes and of course unlimited nights and weekends. There is
however a one time activation fee of $30.00. If 200 minutes
doesn’t fill your needs, you can get 600 minutes for under
$80.00 a month, and 900 for under $100.00. Both of these plans
include unlimited nights and weekends and of course free
nationwide roaming.

All Liberty cellular service plans (except for the Liberty 80)
include unlimited nights and weekends and free nationwide
roaming and long distance, access to service anywhere in the
Sprint nationwide PCS network. They also offer the following
services free: 3 way calling, voice mail, caller ID, call
waiting, online account management, no cancellation fees, no
contract, no credit check, and no monthly bill. Most liberty
phones come with car charger, AC charger, and ear bud and other
accessories for your cell phone.

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