Lets Define Variable Life Insurance

Let us define variable life insurance, also referred to as Variable Appreciable life insurance. It is a form of whole life insurance that provides the beneficiary of the plan with permanent protection. This type of policy is termed “variable” because of the root nature of the monies used to fund the policy. This plan allows the holder to set aside a certain sum of money to be invested in equity funds, money market funds, bond funds, or any combination of the said funds. These investments, just like any other form of monetary investment, will fluctuate with the movement of the market and the stock exchange. Therefore, the value of this policy will be determined by the set value of the uninvested monies plus the value of the monies invested in the market.

Many variable life insurance policies allow for a hold on the value of the policy. This hold ensures that the total value of the policy will not fall below a certain amount. This amount on hold only pertains to the death benefit and has nothing to do with the total cash value of the policy. The cash value of the policy, which is the amount of money the holder can draw upon during their lifetime, will have no cash minimum.

The Benefits of a Variable Life Insurance Policy

This insurance policy allows the holder to invest untaxed monies. These monies will remain untaxed until the life insurance policy is used. Potentially, any monies earned by the investments can be used to lower the premiums on the life insurance policy.

The Potential Hazards of a Variable Life Insurance Policy

This type of life insurance policy holds a certain amount of risk. As with any monetary investment, the cash value is not guaranteed. Thus, gambling with the cash value of the variable life insurance policy can render the policy worthless aside from the guaranteed death benefit. The death benefits as stated when the holder begins the policy may also be reduced. Variable life insurance companies will offer a guaranteed death benefit, but this amount may be significantly lower than the amount obtained at the inception of the policy.

This is a policy which holds the potential for great gains but you can also stand the chance of losing the overall value of the death benefit to the point of a minimum value as we define the variable life insurance policy.

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