Learning How to Play Piano: Music 101

Like becoming an adventurer or sailing a rocket ship to the moon, learning how to play piano is often a childhood dream that goes unrealized. Perhaps you had a great aunt Mabel who kept her fine crystal atop a mahogany upright piano… and she wouldn’t dare dream of letting you slide your hand down the keys. (Especially after that time you pretended you were Jerry Lee Lewis, stood on the stool, fell backwards and scared the cat to death.)

Remembering the good old days can leave you longing for the times when you could be anything you wanted to be. While you may be a little old to quit your day job at the bank and become a pirate, you are never too old for learning how to the play the piano. Here are a few tips to help you get started. We have many more Learn the Piano Articles Now Available.

Memorize the Keys on Your Piano

Learning how to play piano looks impossible when you realize there are roughly 88 keys to remember! But before you throw in the towel and put that piano on eBay there’s one really awesome thing about all the many keys gracing your new piano… all you really need to learn are eight notes and the flats and sharps, the little black keys in between, in just one octave. This is because the keys repeat themselves over and over in different pitches. So if you can master those first eight notes you are well on your way to learning how to play piano.

Start Simple

One of the most common errors of learning how to play piano stems from starting too difficult too fast. While it’s true that playing Mary Had a Little Lamb isn’t very entertaining for adults, simplistic songs are vital in building the basic educational blocks of learning how to play piano. Those who start with songs too far out of their reach may become frustrated and give up too quickly. If you are totally against the songs you loved as a kid, some specialty music stores carry adult hits, hymns and more for beginners.

Play in Front of Family

This doesn’t mean that while you are learning how to play piano you have to have a recital, dress to the nines and proceed to fight off stage fright. Simply don’t wait until everyone is out of the house to practice, at least not always. After you get the basics down pat try practicing with the normal every day activities that go on around you. Getting used to playing around others is imperative if you hope to play for an audience someday and it always helps you learn to focus when you want to play amidst the noise of the kids.

Learning how to play piano isn’t always easy but after the first few practices, your devotion for playing grows into a lifelong passion. When you finally hear the notes come together… just once, when you finally get it right – it’s worth all the trouble it took getting there. We have many more Learn the Piano Articles Now Available.