Learn To Remove Win32 Heur Virus From Your CPU

Computer infected with a virus? People often ask me what is Win32 Heur? Win32 Heur or Win32/Heur is actually a deadly trojan virus that releases a firestorm of malicious activity throughout your computer. If you have come under the attack of this virus then you need to remove Win32 Heur as soon as possible.

A trojan virus is a malicious file or program that gets onto your system by pretending to be benign or desirable. These can be acquired several ways. Among them are:

• Through online P2P networks. Be very careful when downloading files from programs like Bearshare and Limewire. Try to avoid any exe files and video codec installers. These are the most frequent methods of infection.

• Installing any free or low cost programs and applications. Very often these programs are free for a reason. They come bundled with spyware, adware, and viruses. Always perform a quick scan of your computer after installing new software off the net.

• Visiting a website that had planted viruses or browser hijackers that force infected your computer. You are probably well aware of this problem as a bunch of pop ups appear and your browser is redirected. Without excellent real time virus and spyware protection, malware like the Win32 Heur virus can sneak onto your system.

Once your computer is infected, viruses can do a couple of dangerous things that can cause a lot of damage. First they use spyware and keyloggers to record private information like passwords, credit card, and bank account numbers. This is why identity fraud is the fastest growing crime on the internet. Don’t allow yourself to become the next victim.

The other dangerous side effect is the corruption of your registry and possible collapse of your computer. The virus can inhabit your registry and alters vital system files. This can cause computer crashing, the windows blue screen, and other malfunctions. It could cost hundreds or even thousands to get it repaired or buy a new system.

In order to remove the virus you need a Win32 Heur removal program. Fortunately I have found one that can not only remove Win32 but also provide real time protection to protect you against future threats. Scan your computer for free below!

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