Learn to Play the Drums the Right Way – 3 Easy Steps

Learning to play the drums the right way is easier then you might think. There’s nothing more enjoyable then racing around the drum kit with speed and accuracy, hitting each drum with precision and having it sound great.

But Stop! That kind of flare only comes after a lot of practice. All drummers want to be fast and fancy around the kit but in order to get to that level you have to learn how to play the drums the right way. That means starting from the beginning. So I’m going to give you my three tips on how to get started playing the right way so that you’ll get to that point easier and faster. We have many more Learn the Drums Articles Now Available.

Step One

For brand new drummers you must decide on your basic stick technique first. This may sound elementary but trust me on this because you don’t want to develop bad habits. So start here.

Decide on standard classical grip or matched grip. In high school we were forced to play standard but I later changed to matched because I felt I had more control. Pick one and stick with it. Work on your grip and learn to relax your writs and let the stick float in your hand.

Step Two

Learn at least five basic rudiments, and learn them well. The paradiddle, single stroke and double stroke roll are my favorites. They are like the bread and butter of most drum patterns. You will use these over and over again throughout your playing. In fact, you can do most anything in drumming using only a few basic rudiments.

It’s important to know them well and be able to play them with ease, including all of their variations. Take this seriously because your rudiments are your basic building blocks and every great drummer can perform them with ease.

Step Three

Practice. Yup, you’ve heard it before and you’ll hear it again. Of course this goes without saying but if you want to progress and reach various milestones, you have got to put in the time.

What and how you practice is just as important too. Set aside at least 30 minutes a day to work on your fundamentals. Mix it up by using a practice pad sometimes and a snare at other times. Focus on one particular rudiment or hand technique. But most of all make sure you practice every day. We have many more Learn the Drums Articles Now Available.