Learn How to Build a Shed on Skids for Easy Mobility

There are two types of foundations on which a shed is built-one is concrete and the other is a skid. A concrete foundation is permanent while a skid foundation is considered temporary. Many sheds are built on skids and it is advantageous to know how to build them.

A wooden skid foundation is comparatively easier to build than a concrete foundation. Let us see now how it is built. Once the spot has been selected, a bed of gravel is prepared which will provide a flat stable surface which causes any water to drain well, and keep the timbers dry. Two or more wood beams or landscape timbers are set on this bed of gravel. These become the skids. Let us look into how the structure on top of this is built. The floor is built on top of this, and nailed to the skids to keep it in place. The remaining part is built on top of this structure. The timber used for making the skids should be treated for ground contact. It is a normal practice to make angled cuts on the ends. This is done for decoration, and moreover, this makes it easier to move or skid the shed to a new location, if necessary. Good plans would be able to provide more information on how to build these.

It is easier to do the building work yourself if you follow good plans. Any questions you may have regarding how to build it can be clarified by referring to these plans. Not only will you be saving a lot of money by building it yourself, it will also be a very satisfying work.

One reason to build a shed on skids yourself is that it is considered a temporary structure, and in most cases, depending on your state and county rules, you would not have to apply for building codes or pay permit fees. This makes it all the more beneficial for you to know how to build the structure yourself.

It also has other beneficial features which makes it advantageous to learn how to make it. It can be easily moved from one place to another. The base can be built comparatively cheaper. Unlike a concrete base, you don’t have to pour or tear up concrete if you decide to move. It can be pre-built or pre-assembled at another location and then brought to the spot desired. Moreover, it is less expensive to build.

Some disadvantages include it being unsuitable for tractors or other heavy weight equipment. Due to its base being on skids, it has only its weight to hold it against the ground. The size of the shed is limited. It also tends to get damp and is also susceptible to moisture and foundation rot.

However, as a whole, the advantages outweigh the disadvantages, and you can save a lot of expenses as well as red tape if you learn how to make a shed on skids. This is especially so if you are looking for a temporary structure, which you can easily move around. With the help of good plans and blueprints, you can easily learn how to build a shed. There is nothing to beat the creative satisfaction you derive from building a shed on skids all on your own.

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