Latina Teen Quinceanera and Sweet 16: Brilliant Makeup Colors, Makeup Tips, Techniques & 'How-to-Apply' Illustrations

Coming-of-age Latinas want to look as glamorous as the hottest celebrities shown in the media.  Whether for Quinceanera, Sweet 16 or for everyday, they want the confidence that a ‘professionally-done’ makeup application can give them and they want to learn how to do it themselves. Recent search engine results show that Latina teens are searching the internet for makeup instruction, advice and techniques; they are also searching for guidance to match their makeup with their Quinceanera and Sweet 16 formal dresses.  “Many young women want the confidence that learning how to do their own makeup will give them, whether they prefer a fresh, natural look or all-out red carpet glamour” says Jennifer Kalman, Commercial Makeup Artist.  But how, exactly?

Latina teens want to know: 

– How do I select lip, eye and cheek colors that will coordinate with the colors I’m wearing since I don’t want my makeup to clash with my dress!  
– Some makeup colors are too sheer for photos, so how can I find colors that will show up without looking overdone in front of my friends and family?
– Once I find the right colors, how do I use them?  How can I find this information and print it to use as a reference guide while I’m applying my makeup?

– How do I make my eyes look bigger?
– If I decide to wear eyelashes, how do I apply them?  
– Where do I apply each of my eye shadow colors?
– How do I make my lips look fuller?
– If I have a specific makeup question, how can I get an answer from a professional makeup artist?”There are so many makeup products available without instruction, it can be confusing to young Latinas preparing for their special day.  There’s just not enough real makeup guidance for these young women,” continues Jennifer.  “That is why I developed my own website designed to help Latina teens answer these concerns, providing them with: 

– instructions to help them develop their own makeup skills so their makeup can look ‘professionally’ done,
– online step-by-step application techniques and illustrations that are easily retrievable and printable,
– makeup color packages specially-selected to match over 18 dress colors, 
– high pigment, camera-ready color makeup products designed by a commercial makeup artist, and
– access to a makeup professional to answer specific makeup questions.” 

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