Kick Boxing Bag workouts

Kick boxing bag workouts are a great way to grab a full body workout and have been really gaining popularity in the last couple of years.

Even if your only experience with kick boxing is playing video games or watching a Kung fu movie Kick boxing bag workouts are safe for the beginner and have an “Easy Learning Curve” for those just starting out.

As always before starting any new workout regime consult your doctor to make sure you are fit enough o participate.

Before any workout you should take the time to warm up properly. I personally prefer the stationary cycle or jumping rope to get my heart rate up and my body warm and loose, some people suggest stretching before a workout however recent research has proven that its probably best to stretch after you have completed a workout to prevent injuries.

Start slowly, practicing a variety of kicks concentrating on accuracy before power, which can be worked up as your form and technique improve. Practice on both a kickboxing bag and have a friend or training partner use focus mitts. Really try to kick through the kick boxing bag not snapping back with your legs after impact.

Focus on keeping your head up and concentrate on keeping your upper body not too far forward when working kickboxing drills, you want to always keep your body in such a way you can throw kicks after doing a punching combo.

Cross  train to improve your lower body strength and balance which is essential for a great kick boxing bag  workout. Jumping rope, cycling  and jogging really help build up your leg power and improve your footwork which is crucial in kick boxing just as it is in regular boxing.

Expect your self-confidence to soar as you not only get into great shape but  improve your kick and punching skills at the same time.

Avoid over exerting yourself which is easy to do in kick boxing bag workouts, stick to short rounds just as fighters do in professional matches, kick boxing bag workouts are a great cardiovascular workout but its easy to over do it, drinking plenty of water to keep yourself hydrated between drills.

As always with any martial arts training program keep these skills in the dojo or the gym and do not use them out on the street where you could seriously injure someone.

Examples of kick boxing drills:

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