Key Demographics Revealed In Skin Cream Market

A recent poll of leading wrinkle cream manufacturers as well as wrinkle cream users has revealed something interesting about those who use these types of products.  The use of wrinkle creams is much more concentrated across southern states as opposed to a concentration of near urban areas up north.  While the location of wrinkle cream users has little to do with the product’s effectiveness, it is interesting to examine how use is much more widespread down south and is concentrated in more highly populated areas around the country.

The first explanation that comes to mind is of course the southern bell aspect of the demographic.  Many women are focused a bit more on looking their best, even from a young age down south, so it leads one to believe that that would carry on throughout their life, even as they age.  From pearl necklaces to ribbons in their hair these women are always looking as beautiful and as classy as they can, and maintaining your youthful looking skin is a big part of that.  As a result these women turn to the best wrinkle creams to smooth their skin, remove their sun spots and tone and firm any loose skin they have.  These women are not always located in urban, or semi urban areas, in fact many users of wrinkle creams are from rural parts of the south, which is not the case of the users of these products up north.

The demographic areas in which wrinkle cream users up north use these products is generally concentrated around urban or city areas.  That is not to say that people in the suburbs do not use these products, they most certainly do and in high quantities.  However, the amount of wrinkle cream users in rural Maine, for example, does not come close to comparing with the amount of users in rural Texas.  It seems that the closer people live to densely populated areas, the more they focus on their appearance, at least when it comes to users up north.

What is not explained by these explanations is the fact that on the whole, men are now accounting for almost 50{7bd3c7ad8bdfca6261de5ca927cd789e17dbb7ab504f10fcfc6fb045f62ae8d5} of the wrinkle cream consumption in this country.  While stereotypically, you may not think that the “southern man” is a big user of wrinkle creams, in fact he is.  The use of wrinkle creams by men is concentrated a bit more in urban areas both up north as well as down south, however there is a very minute gap between the amount of male wrinkle cream users up north vs. the amount of wrinkle cream users from the south.  It seems no matter where these men are from, they are growing more and more interested in looking their best.

While men and women seem to have different behavior when it comes to wrinkle cream use in the certain areas of the country, one thing is for sure.  Every day more consumers are turning to wrinkle creams to keep their skin looking its best, or to healing existing damage.  And while popularity seems to be at an all time high, there is little indication that this will slow day any time soon.  Whether you are a southern bell, a southern man or a man or women from the north, chances are you are using wrinkle creams or have used them before.  And while the highest concentration of users may come from the south, the north is catching up very quickly.  It will be interesting to see how this gap narrows as the following years come to fruition.  But for now, if you are not using a wrinkle cream, you are missing your chance to look your absolute best, and potentially years younger than you do today.

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