Keeping Your Child Motivated in School – 10 Tips For Parents

Motivation refers to a set of personal factors that in part explain why a person behaves the way they do in a particular situation. Research has found that high school dropouts are at three times the risk of living in poverty compared to their peers who complete high school.

As a parent the first true test of your motivational skills will be keeping your five-year old motivated once he/she realizes that school consists of the 3 R’s (reading, ‘riting, and ‘rithmetic) and not the 3 S’s (snacks, Sesame Street, and sleeping). Your job will only get tougher as they get older and other competing interests come into play like cell phones, iPods, internet, boyfriends/girlfriends and driving privileges. Below are some tips to help you keep your child motivated in school. We have many more Parenting Help Articles Now Available.

1. Discuss the importance of school and an education to your child.

2. Ask your child each day how their day went in school. Make sure they give you specifics.

3. Find out if they have any homework or class project that is due.

4. If your child does not have any homework make sure they spend at least 30 minutes studying, reviewing and practicing their lessons.

5. Be sure to read and discuss with your child any progress notes that are sent home. If necessary place restrictions on their activities or give consequences for misbehavior.

6. Reinforce the positives. Don’t only focus on the negatives or misbehavior.

7. Encourage your child if they don’t do well on a quiz or test.

8. If your child is having academic problems, seek help from the teacher, a tutor or after school program.

9. Talk with the teacher about different options and resources to help your child if he/she has a learning problem.

10. Maintain regular ongoing contact with your child’s teacher(s) regarding your child’s academic progress and behavior. We have many more Parenting Help Articles Now Available.