Kandy, Sri Lanka – The Citadel on the hills

Only around 115 Km away from the capital city of Colombo, Kandy is nevertheless completely different, given its high altitude of roughly 500m and its lush green rolling hills with tea bushes lending a panoramic view . It is also a sacred site to many of the islanders who consider the city – a Holy City. This is due to Kandy being home to the sacred Temple of the Tooth Relic.

Kandy, from time past, was always the protected citadel. It effectively repelled the advances of the Portuguese and Dutch invasions-who ruled the coastal areas of the island- for over three centuries. It also successfully kept out the British for awhile until the last King – Sri Wickrema Raja Singha – finally succumbed in 1815.

The city still maintains its classical aura with its buildings preserving the architecture of old. The King being the ruler of the land was charged with the management of the Sacred Tooth Relic and therefore the temple was a part of what was once the Royal Palace. This palace is now the National Museum housing many artefacts from the past and also holds the agreement detailing how the country was handed over from the British.

The Temple – famous also for its architecture – celebrates a procession (commonly known as a Perahera) annually in the months of July/August for a period of 10 days. This colourful pageant boasting colourful tuskers, the nilames (headmen), torch bearers, fire eaters, drummers, dancers, and much more, causes the city to be thronged with visitors during this time.

Apart from this, the visitor can also enjoy the lake in the very centre of the city, the Peradeniya Gardens, as well as the Tea Museum situated at the Hanthana Tea Factory.

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