Joint preservation surgery and its techniques

Joint preservation surgery methods are used on patients with cartilage defects. The aim of the joint preservation surgery is to preserve the joints and restore their normal functions. Joint preservation surgery is generally performed on knee, hip and shoulder joints. In joint preservation surgery, the natural working of joint bones is improved by repairing or removing abnormal cartilage tissues. 

The restoration of the cartilage is done through many techniques.  Mircofracture surgery is done on the patients with healthy subchondral bone. This surgery can be performed with arthroscope, which is a tiny camera that allow surgeon to see the area of surgery and injury. The surgeon then makes small holes in the bones underlying the cartilage to allow blood to move to surface for building new cartilage for new cells. 

Abrasion arthroplasty is also done with the help of arthroscope. In this surgery technique, the high speed burrs are used to remove the damaged cartilage and penetrate the bone underneath the cartilage. 

Autologous chondrocyte implantation is a two step surgery. In the first step, the cartilage cells from bones which do not carry weight are taken.  These cells are then cultured in the lab for several weeks. In the second step, the cultured cells are injected through surgery into the damaged cartilage area. Since the cell injected are from the patient, cell injected are not rejected. 

Osteochondral autograft transplantation means that healthy cartilage, grafts, is taken from the non weight bearing bone and injected into the damage area of the knee.  The cylindrical plug of the cartilage and underlying bone is taken as graft and then matched with the damaged cartilage before transplanting. If the damage to cartilage is large, then allograft is used in the place of autograph.  The graft in the allograft is taken from the donor. The limit to this surgery is the shortage of donor crafts. 

The chondroplasty is an arthroscopic surgery Joint Preservation Surgery in Delhi method in which uneven cartilage surface is made even or the loose fragments, due to injury, is removed from the knee joint. The surgery relieves the pain and improves the functions of the joint.

The shoulder pain, Shoulder Arthroscopy Doctors in Delhi stiffness, or injury can cause deterioration in the bones at the shoulder joint. The shoulder arthroscopy allows surgeon to see the inside of the area before deciding surgery methods. The arthroscopy is a method in which a small scope in inserted through small incision. The tiny camera fitted on the on the device gives clear vision of the injured area. This process requires anesthesia and it is done in connection with surgery.










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