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Interview Tips: New Careers

When you are getting ready to switch to a new career, you will probably have to handle difficult questions that may come up in your interviews. Many interviewers will ask about your previous work experience, what your past career was, and why you have decided to turn your attentions to your newly chosen field. We have many more Job Interview Articles Now Available.

While these questions may seem difficult, it is fairly easy to make these inquiries work for you. When interviewed as to why you are changing careers, depending on your situation, you may tell your interviewer: “I have been pursuing a degree in this field and have finally achieved it”. This is a perfectly acceptable answer for someone who worked while taking college classes.

Avoid going into personal details like, “My ex-husband works at my old job and I had to get away from him.”

Another typical interview question, asked to ensure that you are seriously interested in the job and the company, is “Why do you want to work here?” This prospective employer is confirming how much you know about their company. Have you done your homework?

The best way to answer this question is to be prepared and knowledgeable. Spend some time researching the company (the About Us section of their web site is a good place to start) before submitting your application or resume. During the interview itself, then, it is easy to let the interviewer know what you can do for the company using as many specifics as possible.

Even though the question is about why you want to work here, you still need to convince the interviewer that hiring you will benefit their company. We have many more Job Interview Articles Now Available.

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