Job interview, what should you do and not do?

Job interview can be the most important part during your job search process. Making a good first impression is crucial in a job interview. There are seven things you need to know what you should do and not do.

Confident but not arrogant
You must be careful that you do not too much going confidently. This may soon tip into an arrogant attitude. You must be convinced of your own qualities, but not put yourself on a pedestal. In job interview there is a standard question: “What are your weaknesses?” In this question you should answer truthfully by saying that what is your downside.

Prepare an introduction
The employer wants to know who you are. You can use a few key memorizing words to introduce yourself, so you can launch a presentation. It’s easy to tell something about yourself, but to prevent you from forgetting important points, you must prepare. On the Internet you will find enough examples that you can use.

Make sure you know the company
Before proceeding to the interview, be sure to search the Internet for information about the company. The employer will appreciate, and can help you because you can clearly form a picture of the company.

Appropriate clothing

You can never go wrong wearing a suit for the first interview. The interviewer wants to see that you pay attention to the details, so you should make an effort to show respect for the people you will meet, by cleaning up and dressing up.

Don’t be late
The biggest mistake job seekers often make is to be late in a job interview. If you failed to arrive at the job interview on time, it will give the hiring manager an impression that you would not take the job opportunity earnestly. Your safest bet is to leave about 30 minutes earlier than you think you need to.

Be honest
Not all questions you can answer in the way that the employer wants. You can make best attempt to sell, but you must be honest. If they catch you in the conversation on a lie, you can forget the job.

Turn off the phone
This tip may seem obvious, but it still seems to be that candidates often forget this. You must also not turn up the vibrate mode on your phone, because in many cases it can be heard when there is a silence falls.

Preparing questions
If you use proper interviewing techniques to prepare questions and answers, job interview would be much easier. Try to focus on good questions rather than tough ones. Good interview questions can give the interviewer information about your personality, experience, and other things which can reveal your skills, knowledge and feelings.

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