Job Interview Tips: Attracting the Interviewers’ Positive Side

Has there ever been a job that you wanted so badly that you thought you would drown in the daily struggles of life without it? If you have not been through an experience such as this, be thankful. But for the rest, or most, of us it can be quite a potentially disheartening moment realizing we did not get that job we could not ‘live without’. “Why do these things keep happening to ME?!” you ask yourself. The truth of the matter is, you were speaking to more than just your conscious self. You were speaking to the universe and your subconscious mind. Those thoughts alone are so powerful that, if continued, can and will inevitably change your life indeed. However, the outcome may not be what you prefer.

When we put negative thoughts into our heads we are sending out those signals like a radio station searching for those with similar thoughts throughout the universe. So, what we are actually attracting is…just what we are continuing to dwell upon. “Oh yes! Just what I wanted to hear! Something good and negative!” Now, if you are assuming this, then yes, it would be considered negative. However, in my opinion, I would recommend the complete opposite, obviously. I understand that this is quite a bold statement to make, but it must be made. In order for us to achieve the things we really want in life we cannot just focus on the worst that could possibly happen. We need to focus on the positive. Yes, that is obvious, however, many people do not even attempt this. If they do then it is for a shorter period then without thinking about it…*boom* down comes the rain again.

Being proactive (definition: adj. Acting in advance to deal with an expected difficulty; anticipatory: proactive steps to prevent terrorism.) is the key to resolve these issues. Just thinking ‘positive’ in many cases is just masking what is real and causes people like me to visualize rosy gardens and pots of gold. Being proactive, in my opinion, is a discipline. In order to apply it, we need to focus on becoming more and more educated in the subject and fuse it gradually into our daily lives. No one ever said it was easy. Well, on second thought, many have. Boy, they sure charge a lot of money don’t they? Ok, so let’s say you paid the thousands towards the program and no magic mind fairy took over your life and made things better. Now what? How about just investing some very valuable time towards your own ‘proactivity’ training?

One great book I highly recommend is Stephen Covey’s “The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People.” That is one book that changed my life years ago. Of course there are other factors that will help your chances of getting the job you really want such as a great resume and experience, but having a proactive mindset is key. I have discovered this extremely important quality from the people whom I have worked for, with and have been acquainted with. They look for these qualities in their potential employees at every interview. Not just the impression of a proactive personality, but those obvious qualities of a well-disciplined ‘proactive’ machine! This has worked for me over the years in the entertainment business on both sides of the camera and I know it can work for many others as long as they are willing to give it a good, hard, and honest shot.

People who practice approaches similar to this will achieve the results they desire. It may take more time than some seminars promise, but remember, it is a gradual and learned process. I want to see people succeed. I do not like seeing folks getting involved in high priced ‘educations’ where they get nothing more than a need to sign up for the next course. These ‘educations’ really seem a bit unfair as I am well aware that it can be done without them. I also strongly believe that lessons such as these are much more quickly attainable WITHOUT the high-priced seminars that leave you in more need for the speaker than you were when you first signed up! I really hope this helps as it really has helped my self throughout the constant rejection I have had to deal with daily before really getting going in my career. All I can say is please do not give up. I understand it is hard but it will change if you look at the bad things that happen as an education opportunity of which to build upon. The reason I wrote on this subject today is because I saw a young guy on set for his first day just to be replaced by another person more qualified within and hour and a half. Of course, he is now a friend and I want to see all of my friends succeed. This young man will one day and he knows it.

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