Job Interview Tips

So you are the one who has written his cover letter and resume number of times…You’ve used every trick to make your resume stand out…One more time…Irritably… You send it to get your job and finally it paid off…Your phone rings and finally you’ve been called for an interview. Congratulations…now don’t get panic!
Last thing you want is a mess up in the interview. It’s crucial that all your hard work to get the interview call doesn’t get waste.

I know job interviews can be a bit scary. Before you speak a word, the interviewer has already made an impression of you by seeing you body language, posture, facial expression and last but not the least your overall appearance. Is this a lot to size up in a jiff? Sure, but we are visual creatures. We have many more Job Interview Articles Now Available.

It’s true that job interview varies from person to person and industry to industry. However there are some fundamentals too. By following those you can face your job interview with confidence. Here are some of them.


§ Must learn something about the organization.

§ All your documents must be sorted.

§ Never be late in an interview

§ You must read your job description.

§ Prepare for these broad questions such as “Why should I hire you” or “What are your strength and weaknesses”?

§ Rehearse the interview with your friends or relative.

Physical Appearance

§ You should be formerly dressed.

§ Your body language should be strong.

§ Do not chew gum.

§ You should be well groomed.

The Interview

§ Shake hands with the interviewer firmly and make eye contact.

§ You must be Relax and do not shake your legs.

§ Answer each question precisely.

§ Use Proper language – No Slang.

§ Avoid asking question about salary or other perquisites.

§ Show your passion for the job.

§ Don’t spread your papers over the interviewer’s desk or space.

§ Thanks the interviewer and have a firm hand shake.

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