Job Interview Tip – One Thing You Must Not Do

Almost everyone that goes into an interview gets nervous. But what if you’re not nervous? What if you sit down and find instant rapport with the person doing the interview? There is one mistake you must avoid! Don’t put your old job down.

Maybe you and the interviewer have similar backgrounds, you come from the same home town, or you both like the same sports team. Soon, you’re talking like best friends. You barely talk about the job you’re applying for. But eventually you do. And since you think the interviewer “knows where you’re coming from” you proceed to talk about all the problems at your job. We have many more Job Interview Help Articles Now Available.

You tell them that the company is tight with the benefits, or that they favor the wrong people. There could be a lot of problems with your job, or just one or two. But you should never talk about them. The good impression you made at the beginning of your interview could, and probably will, turn sour very quickly.

If you are willing to talk about the bad things at your current job, you’ll probably be willing to do the same about the job you’re applying for. That’s the impression the interviewer will get.

The interviewer is going to want to know why you want to leave your current position. Be prepared for that type of question. Give a positive answer. If you want to leave your current job because of issues that you feel are holding you back, focus on your desire to grow in your career. Don’t present yourself as trying to leave a bad situation. Instead you should focus on what you want your future to be. We have many more Job Interview Help Articles Now Available.