Job Interview Questionnaire

As a Graduate in Accounting and Finance applying for a Finance position at the Toyota Motor Manufacturing (UK) Ltd, I have the following are the career aspirations which I would like to achieve. I would like to progress into major management accountability within the fiscal function of the company. In this case, I would like to advance from a Finance Officer to a director of finance in this firm by gaining relevant knowledge and skills. Additionally, I would like to improve my accountability and responsibility in matters relating to management of funds in bigger organizations like the Toyota Motor Manufacturing (UK) Ltd. I would also like to learn different ways of managing and using funds in the appropriate way possible in order to bring development in the company (Grant 2009, p62).

While at the university, I was the finance director after being elected by my fellow students. I have worked as a customer service representative where is provided high level of customer support. I have also worked as a sales associate where I monitored and controlled stock level, dealt with customer transaction at a point of sale, operated a cash register and collected payments from customers. This shows that I have adequate experience in leadership and hence I would be available to work competently in making sure that’s the firm achieve its organizational goals and objectives (Grant 2009, p34).

When working as a sales associate I was supposed to gather a lot of customers’ enquiries and I conducted an analysis before offering service assistance by giving them product knowledge. Additionally, I was responsible for gathering branch queries on both managerial and customer level in matters relating to products; analyze these questions so that their answers may be provided. In these two instances I used questionnaires and interview methods in collecting data and presented the findings in graphs and tables (Grant 2009, p56). We have many more Job Interview Help Articles Now Available.

When I was working in the customer service, I made an improvement when I collected large numbers of customer enquiries through questionnaires and interview methods and dealt with these questions on the telephone. I also resolved customers’ complaints effectively and with immediate effect by ensuring that customers were able to receive a quick response to their questions. This was viewed as an improvement as there were a lot of questions that needed to be solved within the least time possible. In doing this, it was very difficult to me since the number of questions was too large but I made it through the use of phone as I could solve a customer’s problems while he or she is at home. In order to improve this situation, I worked even at overtimes (Grant 2009, p39).

When I was working in mail parcel, I worked with different team who were faced by different problems concerning managing and organizing parcels so that they can meet deadlines. In this case, I demonstrated a high level of commitment as I motivated them very much as they were working under pressure. Through motivating them they were able to work effectively and made the process of mail parcel sorting a success. This aspect was highly appreciated by the top management and I got a promotion (Grant 2009, p49).

As a customer service representative, I had a lot of work of providing customer support and answering their complaints. In this case, I made all activities successful by applying the knowledge I had received from the school of providing high quality services to clients. Even though the process was a bit slow I was able to complete it successfully (Grant 2009, p34). We have many more Job Interview Help Articles Now Available.

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