Job Interview Power Strategies – Take This 5-question Quiz and Discover if You are Really Prepared

Job interviews are tough. You’re in the hot seat, and a whole lot depends on how you perform. No wonder you’re nervous. But there’s a lot you can do to lower your anxiety — and increase your chances if getting that job at the same time. The key? Intelligent preparation! It will lower your stress and help you feel in control of the situation.

And less stress, in turn, will make your job interviews much more successful.

But how should you prepare? Take this 5-question quiz to find out how you’re doing — and how you could be doing much better.

<b>1. Have you researched the company?</b>

Do you know their mission and vision statements? Have you been to their website and made a thorough analysis of their products and services? Do you have a general idea of their strategic growth plan, their policies and projects? Get as much information about the company as you possibly can from any and all sources available to you.

<b>2. Have you prepared answers to typical job interview questions?</b>

There are volumes and volumes of great information about job interviews on the web. Most of it is free. Take advantage of these wonderful resources! Simply go to your favorite search engine – Google, Yahoo, MSN – and type in something like “job interview tips”, “professional job interviews,” “executive interview tips” or “job interview sample questions.” Then download some of the sample questions you’ll find. Take time to prepare and practice powerful answers. Then test yourself. There are even websites that give you multiple choice quizzes on the best job interview answers! Use them.

<b>3. Have you found out who will be on the selection panel?</b>

This is where you can really jump ahead of the competition. All you have to do is ask for the names and position titles of the people interviewing you in advance of the job interview. Then find out as much as you can about each of them. It will help you connect more effectively with your interviewers and ask more intelligent questions.

<b>4. Did you ask how to prepare for the job interview?</b>

Here’s another step that your competition will likely never think to do. When you receive the call inviting you for a job interview, get all the necessary details such as time and place, as well as names of individuals on the selection committee and then … wow them by asking their advice on how to prepare for the job interview. Then listen, and use the information you get.

<b>5. Did you think through how you can solve problems for their company?</b>

People are hired to solve problems. The more problems you can solve, the greater your perceived value to your target employer. List your top problem-solving skills and think of some of the biggest problems you have solved in your career.

How did you do? 5 out of 5? 1 or 2 out of 5? More important than how well you did in this quiz is how well you do in your future job interviews. Use these valuable tips to prepare and you will not only feel better at your next job interviews, but do better too.

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