Job Interview Etiquette Tips

Going in for a job interview can be a nerve-wracking experience in this economy.  Treat the interview too casually, and you can come off as irresponsible and unserious.  If you sweat the experience too much though, you could freeze under pressure.  Here are job interview etiquette tips to help you relax and come across as exactly the professional your interviewer wants to hire.

1.  Do your research

Your employer will probably be putting your name into an internet search engine before you make contact.  If you do the same with them, you’ll be ahead of the game.  Being prepared makes you seem professional and invested in the job.  If you have taken the time to research not only the company background, but the position requirements and the boss you’ll be working under, you’ll appear genuinely interested in the specific job offered.  It will help you rise above the pack of ravenous applicants who are salivating to have any job at all.

2.  Convey your passion

If this is a job you are not necessarily qualified for but have a passion in, don’t be afraid to share that.  Enthusiasm goes a long way in the interview room.  Technique, expertise, and mechanics can be taught, but genuine enthusiasm is a rare and inherent talent.  Either you’ve got it and can bring it with you, or they’ll never see it.  Make sure they see you shine at your first meeting.

3.  Go with your best

No matter the job, interviewers are looking for a certain kind of applicant.  This applicant usually possesses enthusiasm, drive, teachability, initiative, and perseverance.  Before you go to the interview, think about ways to demonstrate these qualities to your interviewer.  Don’t be afraid to come off as obsequious or proud.  Show off your marketable talents in a simple and honest way.

4.  Don’t hide your worst

Employers like to ask about your worst traits.  What they are looking for with this question is primarily honesty and humility.  Don’t give a strength couched as a weakness.  “Following orders too much” is not a weakness unless you’re applying for a job as a leader.  Be clear when detailing your weaknesses.  Be honest, but don’t over-share.  You can say you are prone to being easily distracted without telling them you like to surf internet dating sites while on the job.  However, if you have been disciplined for something like this in the past, it is a good idea to be the first one to bring it up.  It shows humility, and it also gives you a chance to defend yourself and detail what you have done to make a change for the better. Put a positive spin by indicating how you learned from it and improved.

5.  Don’t suck up

Do your homework and show off your humility, but also make sure you bring your spine with you to the interview.  You want to show your future boss you can do the offered job well, and part of that is confidence and an ability to adapt.  Smile, engage your interviewer naturally, and be yourself.  Be the version of yourself that is getting this job today.

6. Dress professionally and show up on time

Some interviewers indicate casual attire is fine, but to be safe, dress professionally anyways. This will help you create a good impression. Show on time or early as well. Being late would create a very bad first impression and may cause your potential employer to question your motivation or work ethics.

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