Jazz Piano Lesson – What Are the Basics of Learning to Play Jazz Piano?

If you are taking a jazz piano lesson, this means you have already been trained with the basics of playing a keyboard. Jazz is like any other type of piano music, you must understand about basic hand placement, notes and chords. Being able to play this type of lively music on keyboard lets you communicate unconventional rhythms full of trademark chords and soulful sounds.

When taking this kind of music lesson, expect to be taught on how to enhance your improvisation abilities to create soulful and personal sounds. To play jazz chords properly, you will have to ensure that you enroll or take the right lesson plan. What is your first step to learning this type of piano music?

Familiarization with the specific chords for this type of music is a very good start. Learn to play triad chords. Notes for this music type start in cord 6 with four note combinations. There’s also cord 7 also with 4 note combinations but the 4th note is lowered one half step.

Another thing you must learn to play is the major cord 7. Beginning to practice these chords will allow you to recognize some very distinctive sounds of jazz. After mastering the different chords, you may start putting them together in a series or progression of chords.

What is the most common progression for this type of music?

That will be 1-4-2-5 which means the first note in each chords are represented by the numbers. If you know proper finger placement you can speed this process up. If you are practicing these chords, try them in minor keys as well and besides jazz music is all about improvisation, right?

You’ll get the feel of the music and you are prepared to take the next step which is knowing how to add base. If you get confused, try to learn at a slower pace. The easiest and quickest way to go through your lessons is by doing things a step at a time. If a traditional jazz piano lesson does not work well with you, you can try to look for some online instructions which you find are helpful in your learning progress.

There are many of these online based music playing instructions that help students with or without previous keyboard playing experience. Course materials are available that specifically instruct on methods of breaking down and playing chords for this type of this music.