Isometric Exercise for the Abs

You can effectively develop stronger abs by doing various isometric exercises. Strengthening your abs or core will help stabilize your body and may relieve some back problems. Your abs and mid section are put into action in most of the movements you make. You have layers of abominable muscle that each have different functions. The muscles at the outer layer assist with your movement while the deeper muscles help support the spine.

If you have not tried the Plank, your missing out on a good core exercise. It is simple to do, just lay face down while holding yourself up on your toes and your forearms. You must keep your back as straight as possible and concentrate on pulling your stomach muscles in. It may not be comfortable at first and try to it hold for a few seconds at least. As you get stronger you will find you can hold the plank position for 30 seconds or more. If this is difficult for you to do you can support yourself on your knees instead of your toes. As you get stronger try to move to the toes.

Try using a broom handle, place one end on the ground and grasp it with both hands. You can do this standing up while bending over or while kneeling. Push down on the broom handle trying to force it into the ground and hold for about 7 seconds. This movement will target your back muscles and varying the positions will target the back differently.

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