Is Your SEO Company Working to Get Around the New Google Results Page?

As most people know Google is regularly updating and changing the goal posts with new algorithms being introduced on an almost monthly basis. The latest biggest change that SEO companies have to deal with is the change to the Google results page, which has everyone in the industry reeling and working on ways to improve their visibility to ensure that they hold onto their position and don’t find themselves dropping in page numbers, not necessarily in ranking.

In most instances when you drop a page in Google, you have dropped in ranking. Now SEO companies are fighting to improve their clients ranking to help them stay on the same page or improve. The reason is Google changed their results page which has everyone in the industry working hard behind the scenes as a result.

In order to understand how your SEO company should be dealing with the situation they are faced with right now to ensure your clients pick your company up in their search results, you need to know that Google removed the adverts on the right hand side of the page and in return, placed four ads above the organic results.

If you are paying for advertising, then you will notice the number has been reduced. If you work purely with your SEO company to enjoy organic results then you will notice that while the results below the paid ads are unaffected in terms of ranking, they could end up on a different page because there are only seven organic pages now compared to the previous eleven, which makes a considerable difference now and moving forward.

There are a few things you should be doing to ensure you remain on the page you were on and continue to improve up the ranks to the first page and to the top of the first page. Every company wants to be at the top of the first page, which means all your competitors are already working with their SEO company to tackle this issue and work hard on improving their ranking to push them up through the pages now and moving forward.

Monitor your progress. This should be done regularly by typing in various keywords and seeing where your company comes up in the results. If you notice that there isn’t any change in your ranking or you appear to be dropping in ranks, then you need to work with your SEO company to see where things are gong wrong and what can be done to push you back up the ranks. Sometimes it isn’t the SEO company’s fault, but rather your competitors are tackling this more aggressively than you and they are rising up the ranks while you remain the same, something you want to deal with as quickly as possible.

Keep an eye on your budget. While you may have chosen to go with pay per click advertising to enhance your SEO, you don’t want to exceed your budget. Your SEO company should provide you with a package deal which you can budget for that will have them working aggressively on your search engine optimization and provide you with regular reporting so you can identify how you have improved moving forward.

Ensure you focus heavily on the quality of your content. As you start to push your company forward and you get more aggressive in your technique, it is easy to allow your content to fall by the way side, maybe even reduce how much you pay for quality content. Never let your content quality fall to ensure you remain a leading choice for Google and clients moving forward.

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