Is There Such a Thing as a Bad Credit Gas Card?

It used to be that a bad credit gas card was the easiest type of credit card to get. Nowadays, however, it seems that only those with near-perfect credit qualify for the best gas cards on the market. What’s happened to gas cards for those with imperfect credit histories? Are gas cards for people with bad credit still out there? The answers may surprise you.

More Restrictions

Gas cards are definitely harder to get nowadays and the bad credit gas card may very well become a thing of the past. Why? Believe it or not, gas prices and the economy have a lot to do with it.

When gas prices started to skyrocket, people who couldn’t afford gas started putting it on their gas credit cards. The problem is, when the bills came in they had no way of paying them. Eventually, the gas card companies started taking some big hits. Because of this, they began changing their credit requirements for new account holders.

Some Things Change, Others Don’t

The funny thing is that while many gas credit card companies changed the way they approve credit applications, they didn’t lower their interest rates. Some gas cards charge ridiculous interest rates even though they’re now only issuing cards to people with good credit.

A Dying Breed?

So is there a single bad credit gas card left? In all honesty, you’re probably better getting a general bad credit credit card. It’s easier to qualify for some of the major credit cards than it is for some of the gas cards.

You might also want to consider pre-paid gas cards or secured gas cards. These will allow you to pay at the pump and some even offer rewards similar to unsecured gas credit cards. Personally, I recommend a secured card over a pre-paid as a secured card can help you rebuild your credit while a pre-paid gas card cannot.

Your bad credit gas card can be a stepping stone to bigger and better cards, but it can also hurt you in the long run if you charge more than you can afford. Your credit can get better and you’ll qualify for more cards in the future if you mange your payments wisely. Just because the credit is available to you doesn’t mean you should use it. Like all other credit cards, only use your gas card to charge what you can afford.

Just remember, if you do obtain a bad credit gas card make sure you pay the bills on time each and every month for a brighter credit future.

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