Is there a Type 1 Diabetes Cure?

Is there a type 1 diabetes cure? We all know that there are two forms of diabetes: 1 and 2. Type 1 is basically that type of diabetes where you are dependent on insulin and the body will manufacture no or little of this hormone. Type 2 diabetes stands out as a failure of the cells in reacting to insulin. When searching for a type 1 diabetes cure we need to first understand the symptoms and causes of the condition.

Type 1 diabetes cure: symptoms and causes of type 1 diabetes

The big problem is that specialists are still not aware of what actually causes diabetes. Even so, there are different pieces of proof that show a link between environmental and genetic factors that can be considered as a motive for the disease’s development. There might be a chance that everything appears as an autoimmune reaction that sees the immune system identifying the cells that manufacture insulin as harmful. In the end they are attacked and destroyed. We do know of different risks that will increase the chance of developing the condition like virus exposure, low vitamin D levels, genetics and a family history of the condition. This helps give clues towards a diabetes cure.

Although type 1 diabetes can affect all people, it is a lot more common in teenagers and kids. The symptoms that are noticed are usually similar to those in type 2 but the difference stands in the extra symptoms that are more characteristic to type 1. A footprint towards a diabetes cure lies in the symptoms. They include blurred vision, excessive fatigue, weight loss, increased thirst, hunger and frequent urination.

What do we know about a type 1 diabetes cure?

In most cases, diabetes is managed by the use of insulin therapy. This is crucial due to the fact that it will help you survive and without it there is a very strong chance of death with no known type 1 diabetes cure in sight. Insulin injection or insulin pump infusions are the two most common forms of treatment. You cannot take insulin orally due to the fact that the action of the hormone can be affected by our stomach enzymes. Different insulin types can be prescribed as a type1 diabetes cure, and the doctor has to recommend the correct mixture that you take. Other medication might be necessary in different circumstances. For instance, you might end up needing drugs that will lower cholesterol levels or drugs for high blood pressure, but this is no type 1 diabetes cure.

Now besides the obvious need of medication, it is also necessary that we make lifestyle changes and that we modify our diets to facilitate a type 1 diabetes cure. Blood sugar level monitoring is a must and we need to learn how to properly manage these levels. The diet needs to include a lot of low carbohydrate foods, fruits, whole grains and vegetables that are fresh. This controls diabetes and helps you live a normal life. It is also important to include exercises in your weekly schedule. There are also different herbs and foods that will be helpful in the control of blood sugar levels. The most common examples are cinnamon, bitter melon, fenugreek seeds, grapefruit and Indian gooseberry.

The bottom line is that, there is no diabetes cure in the actual sense of the word. This basically means that you will not be able to remove the condition completely. However, you can opt for very good and simple to understand modifications to how you live. Simple changes in your diet and your regular activities are going to have a huge impact on any type 1 diabetes cure. All this will help out a lot in actually living with a condition that can be highly demoralizing. Make sure that you check out all the information that you can find and that you keep an open relationship with your doctor at all times, to get the closest methods possible to a type 1 diabetes cure.

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