Is There a Big Island to Honolulu Ferry

This is one of the most frequently asked questions that I get about getting around in Hawaii – is there a ferry from the Big Island to Honolulu.

The answer is NO, there is no ferry. But there are other ways to get there.

There was supposed to be a ferry, but it wasn’t going to go from Hilo or Kona – it was going to go to Kawaihae, which is on the West Coast of the Big Island, close to Waimea.

It was called the Hawaii Superferry, but unfortunately, it never did sail to the Big Island, and it only went to Maui a few times and Kauai once.

Many residents were concerned about the impact of such a ferry, and even though they’d been talking about if for years, and many of us really wanted the ferry to come (because then we’d be able to take our cars between the islands mostly) the people who didn’t want it won.

The courts effectively threw the ferry out of Hawaii by stopping it from providing service. They said an environmental impact statement needed to be done before the ferry could run and the company decided that could very possibly take years.

So How Do You Get from the Big Island to Honolulu?

You have to fly. Flights are short and easy and run all day every day from about 5 am to about 8 pm. They can cost as little as $65 one way for regular fare, occasionally less if there are sales.

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