Investing In Gold Bullion – The Safest Way To Buy Gold Now!

Last month, the price of gold reached $1575.79 an ounce, a record high.  It’s difficult to think that gold was trading at $252.80 an ounce back in July of 1999.  What an amazing 12 year run it’s had!

Even at the existing price, gold is definitely still a viable investment.

  1. We’ve got enormous government spending.
  2. A weak dollar. Increasing inflation.
  3. A volatile political environment in the Middle East.

All these elements aren’t disappearing in the near future, as you well know.

Even so, it is becoming a bit expensive for the average investor. Most bullion dealers on the internet have a minimum quantity that you must invest.  For one of the most preferred dealers, (that I’ve utilised in the past) it is a 1 tube – 20 coin minimum to buy American Eagle Gold coins.

I do not know about you, but I do not have over $31000 (working with the dealer’s current sell cost at the time this write-up was written) extra cash to invest.

And even if I did have the funds, it is a bit risky to invest such a massive dollar quantity all at one time.

If you’ve been following the gold market, you know how volatile it could be.  If the value of gold dropped $25 (hey – you’ve seen it happen) immediately after you’ve locked in you’re buy price, you’d immediately be down $500! Yikes! We have many more Gold Investing Help Articles Now Available.

You are possibly thinking, “There’s got to be a safer technique to invest dollars in gold?”

Well, as a matter of fact there is!

It is known as dollar cost averaging.

If you are already contributing to an IRA or 401k program at work, you’re already familiar with the idea.

Basically, you set up a fixed dollar amount which you would like to invest into a selected investment. Shares of the investment are bought on a standard schedule (which you set) regardless of the share value of the investment. When prices are low, you buy a lot more shares. When prices are high, you purchase fewer shares.

Over the long-term, your average share price will be reduced and you’ve decreased the danger of investing a massive quantity of dollars in one single investment at quite possibly the drastically wrong time!

The great thing is – exactly the same principle can function with gold (or silver) too!

Simillar to dollar cost averaging into stocks or bonds (paper investments), you are able to make a commitment to save a specified amount on a normal basis into hard assets (gold or silver).

Plus, you’ve decreased your risk of investing in precious metals. When gold prices are at are high, you will accumulate fewer ounces.  When gold costs decrease, you’ll acquire additional ounces.  What this signifies is that across the long-term, you’ll be obtaining gold at a lower cost than you’d had you invested a substantial amount all at one time!

You’ll be able to schedule the quantity you need to invest on a {routine basis and you will sleep far better at night understanding that you’ve just committed to saving income in one of the most highly regarded, cherished, and time-tested financial  assets!

Now that you understand that the Safest Way To Buy Gold now is by way of dollar cost averaging, how do you start? We have many more Gold Investing Help Articles Now Available.

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