Interview Well: Speaking clearly and illustrating your points concisely

Being able to Interview well is an invaluable skill. Two thing that will affect your Interview Success and Interviewers opinion of you, is your ability to speak clearly and illustrate your points concisely. Getting those Interview technique is crucial and I will elaborate as to why.

Speaking Clearly

The main worries for employers when a candidate can’t speak clearly during an Interview are:

They may not be confident in what they are saying and are therefore perhaps not being totally honest.

Other members of the team may struggle communicating with them, which could lower work efficiency and essentially productivity.

If they are dealing with customers, they may lose out on business as a result of poor communication and someone who can’t speak clearly isn’t a good representative for any organisation.

In order to Interview well you do need to be able to speak clearly, here are some tips to remember to make your voice sound as clear and pleasant as possible.

Speak slowly (even if sounds ridiculously slowly to you, I guarantee it won’t sound that slow to the person listening)

Imagine your performing on stage, project your voice like you would in that scenario, so you are not shouting but speaking in a way that ensures your voice is heard (obviously don’t go over the top with this)

Smile when speaking, smiling makes your voice sound far better in both a face to face scenario and over the phone.

Illustrating points concisely

The main worries for employers when a candidate can’t illustrate their points concisely are:

That they are not confident in what they are saying which means they may not be being honest.

They may cause internal confusions if they can’t communicate clearly with colleagues.

The may lose them business if they are dealing with customers and they communicate their points clearly.

Being able to communicate your points concisely is a crucial Interview technique to learn it will help you to Interview well and improve your general to your Interview success.

Getting these interview technique correct will dramatically improve your Interview success, these little things can be the difference between you interviewing well and the interview going not so well.



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