Interview Tips: Top Job Interview Tips for Women Returning to the Workplace

So you have taken time out of work to set up home and raise a family and now you are getting ready to get back into the job market. This can be an exciting and scary prospect where just the idea of facing a job interview can be daunting.

However there is no need for to feel worried; if you are well prepared, know what to expect and practice in advance you will feel more confident and you will be much more likely to succeed.

Top Interview Tips for Success

In this article I outline some easy steps and top interview tips which will help get you get ready for any job interview.

Start by carrying out an online search of the employer to find out what they do, how successful they are and all in as much detail as time will allow. This will help you to answer questions about the company and show your interest in the job.

Another top interview tip is to read the job description in detail and paying attention to those areas where your skills match the requirements of the job.

To practice prepare mock questions you think might crop up and practise answering them. Another great tips is to prepare a list of interview questions you wish to ask perhaps relating to the job or the team you will be working with.

Interview Questions To Prepare For

Be aware that interview questions relating to your personal life and children will be illegal however be prepared for questions exploring your career break in detail.

You may be asked a question exploring the reasons why you have been out of the job market. Turn it into a positive and sell yourself saying how privileged you were to be able to learn a raft of new skills as a result while at the same time being able to spend time with your family. Carry on an elaborate showing how these skills will be of benefit to your prospective employer. This shows confidence in your decision to take that career break.

During the interview give examples which show your ability to acquire and perfect new skills and to pick up new tasks. These could relate to committee work, time as a volunteer or even helping with the PTA. Be ready to show how these activities have improved your organisation and planning skills, your ability to manage people and to deliver results. If you have completed any training, it’s a good idea to link these to the skills required for the position.

The interviewing panel may have a concern that your skills are not up to date. If questioned, this gives you a great opportunity to show an awareness of what the role requires.  Your answer should show that you have conducted research and taken the time to improve the skills actually required for the job.

While the employer cannot ask about your childcare, you can raise the subject and mention that you have made adequate arrangements. Whether you have to take time out of the job to look after your children is always going to be of interest for a prospective employer, so raise the subject and put their mind at ease. Also, you can be confident that you can commit to the job as required. This also shows that you are taking a return to work seriously and have already made plans to ensure this runs smoothly.

You might be tempted to ask about working hours or the availability of crèche facilities however its best to leave this until after you have been offered the job. There will be plenty of time to negotiate a better work life balance if you so desire.

More Top Interview to Remember

Carry out research on the company

Know the skills required for the position

Think about questions you would like to ask

Be ready to raise the subject of child minding arrangements

Refresh your memory of your skills

Have examples ready which show how effective your skills are

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