Interview Tips for Nanny Jobs

A nanny is a full time babysitter in which you usually live in the home of your employer. This job is often referred to as an au pair position. The families that advertise nanny jobs will require a professional application complete with a resume and references. They will hold an interview with you when your application meets with their approval. In order to get the job, you do need to be prepared for this interview.

A good curriculum vitae for a position as a nanny should be neat and professional to show that this is how you will act in the position. You should include all the pertinent details, but keep the information factual and concise without going into great detail. If the potential employer has any questions about any aspect of your resume, he/she will ask about this in the interview. You also need to give details of your personality that will appeal to the parents, but you can include this in your cover letter. In the case of applying for these jobs, most employers prefer a handwritten letter rather than a typed one.

You need to have at least two references for a job as a nanny one that will attest to your professional skills and one that will attest to your character and personal skills. Along with providing the names of your references on your resume, you should have actual letters of reference from these people that you take with you to the interview. You do need to ensure that the addresses and contact information of your references are up to date because they will be checked.

The first impression an employer has of you can make or break the interview before it starts. Even though you will probably be dressed in jeans during the job as a nanny, you should look professional at the interview. Do not wear too much makeup of jewellery because this may give the parents the impression that you prefer to spend time making sure you look just right rather than looking after their children. You do need to look neat and tidy and ready to take on the job.

It is essential to show respect during the interviewing process, even if you find that the employers are rude and impatient. You can always decline the job offer if you find that things are not to your expectations. Speak clearly and think before you answer the questions they pose to you. Even when a question can be answered with yes or no, try to elaborate with examples or details from your previous employment to demonstrate that you understand the question and can perform the tasks required.

There is no doubt you will have to elaborate on your skills as a nanny and your ability to prepare meals. You should have first aid training to prepare you in how you should act if accidents do occur while you are on the job. You may or may not have to perform household chores but you should never state in your application that you don’t feel that these duties are part of the job.

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