Interview Tips and Skills

Once you graduate college, it’s time to enter the work force (unless of course you plan to go directly to grad school). When you transition from university life to the real world, their will be a period of adjustment. You will have to find new ways to challenge yourself outside of the comfortable classroom structure. You will most likely have to relocate and secure new housing arrangements. You’ll also have to go out and get a job.

Here are five tips to help you excel in your interview, and score the job you want.

1. Make and maintain eye contact
From the moment the interview starts, make eye contact. Look directly your interviewer’s eyes. Look at it like a staring contest that you can’t lose. No mater what goes down in the interview, your gaze will remain steadfast and self-assured. Read the eyes of the person who’s interviewing you, so that you can gauge the overall atmosphere and respond to questions accordingly.

2. Speak clearly, confidently and in a reasonable volume
Before you speak, clear your throat. Organize your thoughts before you open your mouth. Be confident in your responses. Speak with poise, but keep your voices volume reasonable. Too quiet, you can sound too timid. Too loud, and you sound distracting. Just speak in a reasonable tone and answer every question completely.

3. Ask questions
Job interviews are supposed to be exchanges. You have to interact with your interviewer. Ask for clarification every now and then. Show that you understand the information that’s being presented to you. Ask for more details. You are shopping around just as much as your interviewer. Play hard to get within reason.

4. Find a way to make a connection
Look for common ground. Make a comment about something and build from it. Pick up on details of interest, and refer back to them. Express understanding. Do whatever it takes to leave a good impression. You want to make your interviewer remember who you are, and how easy you were to get along with.

5. Stay positive
Don’t talk smack about anything. Did you absolutely hate your old boss? Well keep that little tidbit of info to yourself. Stay positive and optimistic and all times. You want to leave a lasting impression, but you also want to be certain that the imprint is positive.

Balance the need to promote your abilities with the realization that you have to be humble. Appear willing to help, but make it known that you are a strong-willed individual. Just be yourself. Make eye contact, speak clearly, ask questions, make a connection and always stay positive. Channel your confidence and if something doesn’t feel right to you, then don’t take the job. Always trust your instincts.

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