Interview Question – "Why Are You Going to Quit Your Job?"

Getting the perfect job interview can be a difficult task, so you don’t want to risk the opportunity for the lack of some simple preparation. Prepare for tough interview questions well in advance of your job interview and you will greatly increase your chances of success.

The following is a common tough job interview question..

Why Are You Going To Quit Your Current Job?

This is a tough interview question and one you don’t want to be surprised with. It will make a poor impression on the interviewer if you fumble for an answer or are simply left speechless. Be prepared and have a convincing answer, this will make a good impression and keep you in the running for the job.

Answer: End Of Contract Or Moving Location

The question is easily answered if you are moving to a different area or your employment contract is coming to an end. Tell them the truth and also that you are excited about new employment opportunities (that’s why you applied to their company) and applying the skills you have learned to your new job.

Answer: Bored In Your Job

You don’t want to give interviewers the impression that if you get bored working for them that you’ll quickly look elsewhere for another position.

If boredom is a major factor for you, should you even consider this new position in the first place? What will be different if you get this job that you think will be less boring than the job you recently quit or are about to quit? Is there an opportunity to be more creative, have more influence in the way things are done, a chance to impress with your growing skill set?

If the answer is no then maybe you should keep job hunting for something that will suit your needs.

Answer: Made Redundant

Why were you made redundant is a common tough interview question. If you have been made redundant you must remember that it is your JOB position that is redundant, not you. Perhaps your company struggled to win new work but unfortunately lost out to another supplier, resulting in redundancies for staff in your area of expertise. Be honest and stay positive. You have a wealth of skills and experience to offer a new employer so keep that in mind.

Your experience may greatly reduce the time it takes to train you for the new position which means you’ll be productive quickly. Be sure to let the interviewer know that you are flexible, open to new training and ready for new challenges.

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