International Motorcycle Shipping and Overseas Bike Transport

First, you need to get your vehicle prepared for international motorcycle shipping. It involves draining the fuel to less then an eighth of the tank, securing any cables and removing any accessories that you wish to keep (your motorcycle will be handled by different companies and workers in different countries – your items may go missing).

Then you need to get your bike to the export warehouse of the international motorcycle shipping company or directly to the ocean port. If you live nearby a big ocean port or a major metro hub – you can just drop off your motorcycle yourself. Otherwise, you can use numerous motorcycle transporters or brokers that advertise on internet. Make sure you ask for door-to-door service and mention that the final destination is an export ocean port or warehouse of the overseas transport company. When it comes to international motorcycle shipping some of the truckers don’t wish to go to the ports due to congestions and long waiting lines. Ask the international motorcycle shipping company if they can provide the pick up as most of them have contracts with vehicle transport companies.

Required Documents for International Motorcycle Shipping

  • Make sure that you have the original clean title for your motorcycle. By “original” I imply that it has to be the actual paper title issued by your state’s Department of Motor Vehicles. By “clean” I imply that it cannot have any unpaid liens from the bank or any other financial company. It is a requirement of the US Customs that all motorized vehicles must be cleared for export prior to vessel departure. And therefore, it applies to international motorcycle shipping as well.

Shipping Option #1: International Motorcycle Shipping in Ocean Container

  • Overseas motor cycle shipper can offer 2 options for you to get your bike overseas: ocean container shipping or roll-on roll-off international motorcycle shipping. If you go with ocean container shipping then the overseas transport company will crate and load your motorcycle inside the ocean container most likely with other cargo or cars. This is a cheap and reliable option because the international motorcycle shipping company will only charge you for space that your unit is taking inside the container plus the container will be closed and sealed throughout the overseas trip.

Shipping Option #2: International Motorcycle Shipping via Roll-on Roll-off carrier

  • With roll-on roll-off (RO-RO) international motorcycle shipping your bike will be delivered directly to the port and then loaded onto the specialized car carrier vessel. It means that port workers will drive it onto the ship at the port of origin and then drive it off the ship at the port of destination. It won’t be sitting inside a closed container and it’s usually when some of the motorcycle accessories go missing. Ro-Ro service is also limited in the ports coverage so depending on your origin & destination this service may not be available for your route. Plus port will not accept non-running motorcycles for roll-on roll-off shipping service.

Once the ship sails the international motorcycle shipping company will return the original title to you along with their transport bill of lading and instructions on how to pick up your motorcycle at the country of destination. It’s a good idea to contact the overseas agent in advance to confirm the arrival dates and get the paperwork done to speed up the release and delivery process.

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