Insurance Sales Scripts – 3 Myths Revealed

Selling insurance can be a tough business. Unless it is something required by law it can be like pulling teeth to get people to jump into a new insurance policy. Even when you can save people money they can have so much resistant to change it can make want to climb through the phone and smack them around. After all, you are trying to help them!

To get around this frustration, many insurance professionals go to training seminars, read books, and invest information products. While these methods can be powerful, there are still myths being shared with insurance agents that have them headed east looking for a sunset! This advice is being propagated by “coaches” who haven’t served their time selling anything.

I invite you to break through the most common insurance sales scripts myths on your way to doubling your sales.

Insurance Sales Myth #1 – “Sales Scripts Aren’t Needed” – The reality is that no matter what you say you are saying a script. The difference between a good sales script and a bad one is the good one actually gets you the policy! Trying to sound “natural” or just “winging it” is a formula for disaster. Anyone who tells you they aren’t using a script of some sort is broke.

Insurance Sales Myth #2 – “Sales Scripts Make Don’t Sound Natural” – If you are trying to recite statistics or a long drawn out mission statement it WILL sound awful! In order to sound like yourself and still get the sale, I would invite you to consider transforming your sales scripts into interest piquing questions. When you ask questions they sound natural. Dig deep and ask questions that reach to how prospects can save time, money, or both and you will get the sale in minutes.

Insurance Sales Myth #3 – “Concentrate on Closing the Sale”  – You can’t “close” anyone. People either want to invest in a new policy or they will walk away. You can’t convince someone that a policy is right for them, and even if you do, they will just cancel it after they get off the phone. Instead of closing the sale, get your prospect to see that it is a good idea for them to change or add more coverage. Get your prospect to feel like they would be crazy NOT to make a change. You know your conversation is headed in the right direction when they ask you “so what’s the next step?”

Selling more insurance policies isn’t convincing someone. It isn’t even about the brand of your company. To sell more insurance policies I would invite you to take action with interest piquing questions that will have you doubling your sales now.

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