Insurance Resume Cover Letter Sample

This is an example of a cover letter. Use this as a template and for ideas and inspiration, do not just copy it word for word. Before you can use this example you will need to replace all the dates, all the names and all the addresses. Add your contact details to the header or footer of the document. Remember to include keywords for the position you are applying for. Try to find a comeback in the company that is responsible for human management and address the application to him or her. Good luck in your job hunt!

January 1, 2009

Mr. Example Name
Human Resources Manager
Company Name
111 Street
City, State 90111
Dear Mr. Name

With 16 years experience in the insurance industry, primarily at the senior executive level, I would bring Sapphire Insurance Ltd. a wealth of qualifications in the operations, marketing, business and strategic development sectors. My expertise lies in the ability to identify and capitalize on market opportunities to increase premium growth, elevate market share and outperform competition in specific insurance fields.

I am recognized by my peers and employees as a motivational leader, able to instill confidence and strong work ethics when promoting a harmonious and fun environment. I am adept at developing creative marketing and sales strategies across all business departments. Driven by results and increased revenue, I aggressively provide tools to penetrate new markets and deliver impressive results.

My education meets your criteria as does my management and leadership abilities, I have repeatedly demonstrated this with Michigan life insurance Company, where people want to work for me and excel under my style of management. I am familiar with property, life and casualty business. I have a strong overall business acumen which would benefit of Sapphire Insurance Ltd.

Although secure in my current position, I am eager to find a new challenge. I firmly believe that Sapphire Insurance Ltd. is now offering me the chance to further develop my insurance expertise, execute marketing techniques, create an efficient operations structure and research new markets and business opportunities.

I welcome the opportunity to discuss my considerable attributes and qualifications with you in a personal interview. I am ready to make a change, the Senior vice President, Corporate Marketing position excites me.

I look forward to your call.


Your Name

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