Instead of Building a New House, Invest in a Spec Home

Many people dream of building a house; customizing each room and the particulars that go into each part of the house can be very exciting. However, what most people do not know is that you can not only do this in a spec home, but there are qualities about this sort of home that simply cannot happen with a home that is constructed on the worksite.
Now, we are not talking about a double wide trailer here. Spec homes are pre-fabricated homes that are designed piece by piece in a factory and are finally out together on-site. What is even better is that in the current housing and financial crisis, this sort of home has incredible positives that a piece of traditional new construction does not!

Spec Homes Give You Customization and Affordability

Spec homes give you some incredible choices that are simply not seen in a house built at a construction site. The reason being is that since these homes are produced in a factory and not on-site with typical building methods, each piece is designed through computer aided drafting. This allows you as the buyer to have much more flexibility when it comes to customizing your home. In fact, the architecture of many spec homes is featured in architectural magazines and digests that highlight the creativity and specifics of these incredible dwellings.

Next, another great reason to buy a spec home is because of the affordability factor that is involved with this purchase. Not only are spec homes more cost effective to purchase but they are also less expensive to maintain. The reason behind this is that there is an abundance of technology available in making spec homes “green” and energy efficient. Truth be told, the construction industry has very few options when building new construction and it is increasingly expensive to a new home builder to have their new house custom built with energy efficient principles. However, a spec home is manufactured with all of these principles in line and once the house is assembled, it is more likely to have cheaper energy bills that its counterpart. In fact, a typical heating bill could be over thirty dollars less per month! Just think of what that adds up to over years!

Get in Your New Spec Home Fast!

Finally, one of the best reasons to buy a spec home over building a new home is because the turnaround time on a spec home is much less than if you are building new construction. A spec home allows you to be in your new house within weeks as opposed to the months and months that can drag on when building in a traditional method. Also, since a spec home is produced in a factory and is only assembled on-site, you do not have to worry about weather factors slowing down the process to get you into your new house which is incredibly typical when you are waiting on construction to be finished.

Spec homes are the way of the future and will give you incredible variety when designing your home and fantastic happiness once you are in the home. Create some wonderful memories today and see if building a spec home is right for you!

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