Informative advice on student loans


Whether they just graduated, are in college, or are taking a break from college, choosing the right school for them is one of the most important choices they will ever have to make. So, even though they might want to jump in and go for the first choice, they should take their time, ask the people around them, family, friends, acquaintances and do some research before making a final decision. There are many factors that need to be taken into consideration to help them decide what college offers the best options for them to continue their education and succeed.


  • Is the college or university that they are considering have accreditation? Do they have high educational standards?
  • What types of licenses do the offer? Do they have certificates, diplomas, or degrees? Even though the school might have good references and high standards, they might not be offering courses or degrees for their major.  Admissions office will be able to give them all the details.
  • The area where the school is located is also really important in their decision making. Is it close to home? Do they feel comfortable? Will they be able to make their everyday? What are the places nearby? You could do your internship or you could even get some job offers. It is always a good idea to visit the campus before making a final decision, get the feel for it. Look at the options on-campus and off-campus.
  • Another crucial component in choosing their college or university is the fee. How much is the fee before attending school and will they be able to pay them?
  • What are their options for financial aid?  Federal loans and Grant loans are loans that they don’t have to return, the Federal student loans are redeemable. Over the years the cost of education has gone up noticeably.
  • Admittance and approval rates are usually based on the rate of students that have been accepted, by looking at the admission rates they can estimate the probability of being accepted into that school.
  • Course schedules is good to know about. If they have other obligations and/or responsibilities other than their education, they need to know if they offer flexible courses. Grab a course catalog or look it up online.
  • They need to gather information about their internship program. Does their school offer placement internships?
  • Career assistance (career services) is also an important factor that their school should have. They help with resumes, how they should look and dress for an interview, role play interviews, keep them updated on job openings, and much more.
  • Ratings of job placement is also good to know. How many student graduates have actually gotten placed in a job after graduating? In how much time?  This will help them determine if they should invest their time and money.

Choosing the right school that will get them that career that they have always dreamed about can be very stressful. These tips should help ease some of that stress and help them make a smart and sure choice towards their future.






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