Increase Website Traffic Tips

There are numerous ways to increase website traffic. A very good and useful website is of no use until it reaches its intended audience. A successful running website getting targeted traffic is worth millions, while a dead website without any traffic is a waste of time and money. A website is a success only when it fulfills its purpose – it gets the traffic and attracts the visitors for whom it was created in the first place.

Getting traffic to your website may seem very difficult in the beginning. You need to put in regular effort to increase website traffic and keep it coming and growing on daily basis. It may seem like a lot of effort and especially in the beginning the results may be quite disheartening. You may put in all the required effort and use different ways to increase website traffic and yet it may seem to stand still. The most important thing is not to let the initial hard work discourage you, because the efforts will pay off in the end. Once you’ve started getting traffic and have gotten your website “mapped on the Internet”, the traffic will increase even if you don’t make any efforts for it constantly.

It’s a fact that 20 per cent of your efforts will bring in 80 per cent of the results. So before you start doing anything else to increase website traffic, sign up for a Google analytics account. It is free and easy to sign up with a Gmail account and it allows you to collect various information about your website visitors. After that you can focus on increasing your website traffic and then you can monitor the results. Try different things and then focus on the things that work best. When something is bringing excellent results, focus on that and put more effort into bringing in even more traffic.

Internet marketing is excellent because of the fact that you can promote your website and get targeted traffic without any costs at all. You will of course have to spend time on it and put in the effort, but apart from that there’s no investment required – there are hundreds of ways to get free targeted traffic to your website. So what can you do to increase website traffic?

One method of gaining targeted traffic to your website is search engine optimization. It is quite an elaborate science on its own, but when done properly, it will bring excellent results. This is something you could outsource to an expert instead – it will cost you money, but it will pay off with the results. Search engine optimization is a technique, where you modify your website content so, that the search engines will display your website when a potential visitor enters a relevant keyword into the search engine. So first you need to do some market research, find out the profitable keywords and then edit your content so that it will contain the optimal number of relevant keywords. The more relevant your content seems to the search engines spiders, the higher up your page appears in the search results. The search engine spiders assess your page according to number of criteria, one of them being the keywords.

Search engines also assign a search engine ranking to every website and that ranking also affects where your website appears in a particular search. There are a lot factors that have an impact on the ranking, like the keywords and other information – title, images, also the existing traffic and backlinks to your site. Therefore it is helpful to submit your website URL to search engines as well as various directories relevant to your website subject. For submitting to Google, for example, use Google webmaster tools – it helps to get your website crawled by the spiders in just a few days, while naturally this process can take much longer, especially when your website is new and isn’t getting any traffic yet.

Another way of drawing traffic is by writing good informative articles about the subject of your website. This is called article marketing. Write good unique content on a particular subject and then submit your articles to different article directories. Below each article there is a resource box with author information – this is where you will put a few words about yourself and/or your website and a link to your website. Article are found by search engine spiders quite quickly, so you will get traffic from people, who are looking for information and find your article on the topic. If the article is interesting and useful, they click your link to get more useful information from your website. The most efficient articles are those which focus on one particular topic, which may be relevantly narrow or broader. It is useful to do some research before and include the relevant keywords in your article. Make the title clear and write the article so that people will get the answers they were looking for.

As I said above, backlinking is also useful to increase website traffic. Try to find blogs and forums relevant to the subject of your website. If you have something useful to say about the posts in a blog or forum, you can leave a comment and include a link to your website. However, first always read the rules on commenting and don’t spam with your comments – post a comment only if it is relevant and useful.

Increasing your website traffic may seem to much effort in the beginning, but once you’ve established a position and get known as an expert in a particular field, the traffic starts increasing automatically – you just need to update your website and provide good useful content to the visitors. Get their questions answered and they will come back for me. Offer them more than they expect and they will be your loyal fans forever. There are plenty more Website Traffic Help Articles Now Available on our website.

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