In the wake of a beat down Holly Holm imposed her opponent, former champ, Ronda Rousey Can NOT even eat an apple!

Ronda Rousey says it could take up to six months for her to be able to eat an apple due to injuries sustained in her defeat to Holly Holm.

Rousey went into her UFC Women’s Bantamweight Championship clash with challenger Holly Holm in November undefeated, but was taken down with a kick to the neck in the second round, then pounded her face with a series of strikes to force a referee stoppage.

The 28-year-old suffered injuries to her teeth as a result and is unsure how long it will take her to be able to return to the octagon.

“It might be three to six months before I can eat an apple, let alone take an impact,” she told ESPN Magazine.

“I need to come back. I need to beat this chick. Who knows if I’m going to pop my teeth out, or break my jaw or rip my lip open again. I have to f****** do it. It doesn’t matter. I have to do it.”

UFC president Dana White is confident a rematch – which Holm has admitted she deserves – will take place once Rousey has recovered, and she is hopeful she can recover her title.

Rousey added: “I just feel so embarrassed. How I fought is such an embarrassing representation of myself. I wasn’t even f****** there.

“Maybe I can’t do it all before my prime, before my body is done. But, f*** it, maybe I can.”