Improve Weight Loss and Sex Drive through Reflexology

Reflexology is an interesting subject that bears some looking into. The way we live today is very different from early man. Early man did not wear shoes. Instead, a thick layer of skin would develop that protected the feet. Man’s body was made to move and with that movement our feet were constantly stimulated by running over stones, sticks and uneven terrain.

Modern man wears protection every day on their feet with shoes, flip flops, socks etc. and get little or no stimulation. Our feet are screaming for the unevenness of mother earth.

When you apply pressure on any point on your hands or feet there is a corresponding reflex point that stimulates certain organs and glands. If you’ve ever had a foot massage you know how your whole body can relax and you feel better. You can go to a certified reflexologist but you can also do it at home preferably with a spouse if you learn what areas to apply pressure to.

Take weight loss. Applying pressure does not cause the weight loss itself but what it does is help control cravings for food if you stimulate the thyroid and pituitary glands. Here is how you do it.

Right at the center on the bottom of the big toe, apply pressure and then gently knead to the sides. Do this several times. Now move down to the very bottom of the big toe, apply pressure and knead to the sides so that you reach the web of the next toe and the outside of the big toe. (Make sure to do both toes)

Now follow up with the hands;

Start at the center of the fleshy ball of the thumb. Apply pressure and gently knead to the sides over and over. Next at the very bottom of the thumb, apply pressure and knead gently to the sides several times.

With a low sex drive you have the same principal. You are stimulating the sex organs and it is the same spot for men and women. This can be a routine you follow with all your foreplay. Here is how you do it;

Apply pressure on the fleshy part between the ankle bone and heel (both sides) and gently but firmly apply pressure and slide your fingers up to the top of the foot. Repeat several times.

Now for the hands;

On the left hand, the left side of the wrist, apply pressure in a gentle swirling motion. On the right wrist on the right side, apply pressure in a gentle swirling motion.

It is as simple as that. There is much more to explore with reflexology and it is worth while going online to find printable reflexology charts or purchasing one of the many books on the subject.

A good foot and hand massage is a great way to stimulate and take the stress out of your body. Enjoy!

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